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Hi, first of all thanks for the great work on (much-needed) app. Now my actual question... Are there any plans for a COM interface? Qt provides a (relatively) easy mechanism to introduce such capabilities using their ActiveQt framework. Specifically, I was considering Soulseek integration into the Mediamonkey media player GUI (although most modern media players could probably have something similar done) Alternatively, are there plans for source code to be made available? If this were the case I could assess the potential for a COM layer myself. I have already done some work but it was taking too much time for me to do the Soulseek protocol layer so I had to give up. Again, great work and thanks! Tim
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Hi Tim,

I'll certainly consider exposing a COM interface once I can begin to see the bottom of my plate :) In the meanwhile users are free to comment on your suggestion and mention specific functions of the SoulseekQt client that they would like exposed to other applications. As for the source code, I have no plans to release it currently.

Thanks, Nir

Tim, you can check pyslsk, nicotine, museek+ and all other 3rd party clients for tips on the (old?) slsk protocol.

And to be honest, I would rather see split the current functionality into a daemon/service and a client GUI than come up with a full COM implementation. Basically, the daemon would take care of all the main stuff and expose a simple API on a socket for the client to interact with (text based would be great, so that we could use telnet-like terminals).

The API would basically accept network searches and queries about the current stats and return the results in a near raw format (one entry per row or something).

>SEARCH coolband favealbum -mp3
>BROWSE buddyname
>WISHLIST ADD raretrackname

And no, security considerations were not considered in the above suggestions.