Save filter information in Wishlist too

Seeing as the Search feature has been made inclusive only (no longer accepting things such as "-.mp3" in the search itself) and instead been split into Search and Filter functionality, it would be nice if the Wishlist would also save the Filter information when added. Thus, it would only pop up the Wishlist Search window if it comes across files that not only match your search term(s), but also wouldn't be filtered out by the filter. If I run a search for "Hip hop" and then filter it with "-.mp3", I don't expect once added, to constantly get a window showing me a great number of Hip hop MP3s. Instead, I would expect it to only pop up when it finds an MP4, WAV, etc. Otherwise, I find the Wishlist feature to now be limited and kind of unusable. Much prefer the ability to run inclusive and exclusive terms in searches in NT (and further, have the Wishlist respect both inclusive and exclusive terms). Splitting the functions is fine, if we can still achieve the same usability we had previously.
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I don't know which SoulseekQT version you are using, but the lastest build DOES allow you to negate search and wishlist terms, making your request mostly bogus.

...request, but I think one worth reviving. Currently, every time a wishlist search refreshes or the SoulseekQT client is restarted, it drops any filters that have been applied. More often than not, I add a filter when searching for a file, usually looking for a file with a certain extension or of a minimum size. When the Wishlist Search finds results (and I still do not quite understand how and when SoulseekQT initiates a Wishlist Search, or how I can manually initiate a wishlist search without retyping it, but that is a different topic...), I always have to re-apply the filter. It would be a great feature to have any applied filters saved with the searches.

That's an interesting idea. I have a lot on my plate right now, but I'll add my to my to do list for when I have the time.