Loose everything at quit

I'm on Mac os Lion, when I quit SoulseekQt, I loose all my queued files, my wishlist ect... My download folder is on my Mac hard disk, but my share folder on an external disk. I've used soulseek, and soulseex for years have never encounter this.Any ideas? Thanks
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SoulseekQt tries to save your configuration into a hidden file in your home folder (a la Unix). I don't know much about OSX, but I would make sure that that folder is available and writable. If you're not quite sure how to proceed, let me know and I'll compile a version that produces some relevant logging information, to see exactly where it's trying to save the file.

Thanks, Nir


just installed latest version on Mac OS Mountain Lion and every time i close SoulseekQT it forgets its settings.
i also checked my home dir for the hidden file and there is none. Also tried the version before, same behaviour.
Is there any way to check where it tries to save the file? Or is there already a workaround out there?


On Mac the configuration file is ~/.Soulseek (in your home folder.)

as is said:
The file doesn't exist and SoulseekQT does not create it.
i created an empty one manually called .Soulseek.randomtimestamp and then SoulseekQT crashes right after app start.

I've got this same problem in Windows Vista Pro 64, actually (build from 011112). It'd be nice to have some idea where the hidden file's being saved to, or some sort of recovery options.

On Windows the configuration file is stored as c:\soulseek-client.dat, which I realize is already a somewhat problematic location. Perhaps mainly due to the fact that, although pretty rare, some setups don't even have an assigned c:\ drive. To add, newer versions of Windows like Vista and 7 will move the file to an application relative location if user account control is turned on, which isn't bad in itself, but makes the file harder to find.

On any operating system that SoulseekQt runs on, go to the Diagnostics->Logs->Configuration Data tab to see where the configuration file is loaded from and saved to. I'll post here a version of SoulseekQt for Windows that saves to the application data folder later tonight. Hopefully this will fix your problem.

Thank you very much! I appreciate it hugely :)

Here you go, SoulseekQt-config-file-location-fix.exe. Let me know if it fixes your problem!

Thanks, Nir

I think, if path for soulseek-client.dat contain chars higher than 127 byte (like cyrillic - in my case) this version and 2012-02-01 don't save soulseek-client.dat (Diagnostics/Configuration Data tab show sucessfull save - but it's lie: C:\Users\%UserName%\LocalData\soulseek-client.dat not exist at all).
Not complete Unicode/ANSI compatibility, i think.
As a half measure i propose in Options tab insert new subtab "Cofiguration Data Path" with options like Default/Cusom.

You're right, that's definitely a bug. Try this version instead, I tried to ensure that unicode pathnames are processed properly this time: SoulseekQt-Unicode-user-folder-fix-attempt-1.exe.

Thanks, Nir

Now OK, thanks