support for displaying other languages

like hebrew for example, in the ols slsk i could see hebrew, now i see only little sqare with a question mark in it thanks for your time
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SoulseekQt supports the display of other languages as Unicode, rather than as extended ASCII codepages, which I believe is how Hebrew speakers use Hebrew on the original client. That means that private or public chat in any language sent by SoulseekQt can be seen by other SoulseekQt clients. So as long as both the sender and receiver are using SoulseekQt they should be able to communicate using any language they want.

is there a way how i could see hebrew from someone who is not on Qt ?

Sorry, I don't believe Qt has any support for code pages.

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well, got a nice surprise

well, got a nice surprise today on QT (windows), SoulseekQt nightly build 1/11/2012.

Look how the language and ascii works in qt, and not in 157.

So nice this works, hope it will work on downloads as well...

Excellent :) It should work with file transfer as well.

Nir, I thought so, but for me - on Linux - it still does not. I tried some well known artists like Ayumi Hamasaki ( 濱崎 歩 in Japanese) and there was never *any* match I got. I don't buy that story that nobody is ever connected having anything from this singer...unless everyone still sticks to codepages to stay compatible with 156/157 users --- THAT can be.

Well, maybe someone does have an example I can try - but currently file search in Unicode is not working at all - sorry to spoil your streak of optimism. :)

No worries, bug reports are always welcome. You should bear in mind though that only about 1.5% of the Soulseek usership is on SoulseekQt right now, and the rest don't support Unicode searches as of yet. Last time I checked I had two instances of SoulseekQt searching one another and was receiving Unicode search results, but I'll check again.

WHOA!! Yes it works!
Though only for Russian Cyrillic here (I tried Alexander (Aleksandr), written Александр) but heck, it worked!
But maybe it needs one more tweak for Japanese kana (comprising: Kanji, Katakana and Hiragana), then.
(Although I wonder if you get Unicode support working, shouldn't that work for ALL languages at a time then?

Whatever - keep up the good work!

Glad to hear :) Yes, other languages should be covered as Unicode is being used. If problems with other languages arise later on I'll be sure to look into them.

Thanks, Nir

I've just done a search for "pauline en la playa" looking for the album "Física del equipaje" and the í is showing in the search and transfer tabs as the dreaded diamond with question mark, as are other characters in the file names of individual tracks. The downloaded files have the diamonds them in their file names as well - is the scanner not reading the characters correctly?

I'm guessing these are files shared by users of the original Soulseek client.

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hmm.. Pals, when I installed SLSKQT today first of all I crawled to country's chatroom.
And then I saw:
���� �� , �� ������ ���� ���

I thought it was a classic joke when user copypastes error code to friend so he thinks...
But it was real :(

Russia by the way

SoulseekQt supports actual Unicode, which means you'll be able to see anything any other SoulseekQt user types in about any language and vice versa. The original Soulseek client (which is what the vast majority of users are still on) uses extended ASCII codes, which are much more limited, and translate to what you're seeing as weird symbols. I was hoping this would serve as motivation for International users to collectively move to SoulseekQt, but so far no luck.

Is there a chance to have, even temporarily, a feature to support extended ASCII codes also?
It really makes browsing files and folders in our native language quite hard.

(Also: Thank you for Soulseek!!)

It's just not very practical. Qt does provide a facility for translating extended ASCII to Unicode, but you have to tell it exactly what code page you want to use, and I'm guessing you can't have it on by default or it would interfere with the UTF8 encoding used by other SoulseekQt clients.

hi nir,
first of all thank you for this wonderful gift named soulseek ! i was so happy when i d/l the 10/7/2012 version because i was hopping that i will be able to see hebrew text in old client user's files. unfortunately the script changed from small rhombus with question marks to strange latin letters with all kind of un-recognized you think it can be fix ? thanks a lot

Hi Basil,

The new latin characters that you're seeing are the actual extended ASCII characters used to represent Hebrew characters by users of the original client. To see them as actual characters, you have to use the right codepage make the translation to Unicode. I might be able to provide an interface for selecting from all available codecs and use the selected codec to translate all non-unicode text. I'm not sure how well it will work though. I will look into it and post here again when I know more.

Thanks, Nir

Try this one: SoulseekQt-7-12-2012.exe. There's a setting under Options->General that lets you pick a codepage to use for translating non-Unicode strings. Hebrew is windows-1255 on mine, not sure if it would be the same or different on yours, you might have to do some digging around. Let me know how it works for you.


Glad to hear it works :) thanks for keeping me posted!