How should file transfers/searches be shown in SoulseekQt?

In a table, the way it was done in the original Soulseek client.
36% (47 votes)
In a tree, the way it's currently done in SoulseekQt.
40% (52 votes)
Either way is fine.
24% (32 votes)
Total votes: 131


The top feature request that has not yet been addressed is the ability to reorder the columns in the transfers and search results views, which seems to imply that a lot of you would like to go back to the way these were displayed in the original Soulseek client. One arrangement I'm considering is a table where repeating information in a given column is only shown the first time, so for example a series of transfers from the same user will only show the username on the first row, and the folder name on the first row of each set of files from the same folder. The tradeoff is that it won't be possible to show the overall progress for each folder and user, as those all appear on the same row.

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for some reason I can't vote.

Sorry about that, apparently the default for the Drupal poll module is not to let anyone vote. Should hopefully work now.

By the way, I'm wondering if there's a difference in search results when you use different versions. I still have version 157 and sticking with it for now, and hoping that it doesn't show only results from users with the same version. Any feedback is appreciated.

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Nir, why not to create classic table view and put a ticker in UI options to enable\disable it?

by the way, it makes me wonder, why is it so hard to allow user re-arrange order of categories in tree view... it would open and collapse on first and second category (as now), but we'd decide what is next (file, progress, status etc). please implement this.

I'd rather have one single view than two separate ones, the non-default of which most users don't even know about. Two views are difficult to maintain, as I've discovered since implementing old-style search results. The logic for actually arranging all the information in a tree where every column can be a category index is quite complicated, but what I'm describing above is very similar -- it would be a table where identical information in the same column won't repeat, so it would have a tree-like appearance. You'd be able to move the columns around and change the sorting so you should be able to do anything you want.

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perhaps experimental build with table view so we can play around with it? (or image) i have to admit i have a problem imagining how it would look like, what is the functionality. in table like view - could i collapse 10track download into one line as i can now? that's essential for me, especially for inactive transfers (one way or the other, auto collapse is also an idea to think about)

On second reading, I see you mean that all the columns but the user and folder should be movable. That should be doable, but I'm curious to see what everyone thinks about all this for now.

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I think that the general feature implemented here is further customization: let the user decide what he wants and give him the ability to configure the application to suit his needs. I support any feature that increases customization in any application.

The choices listed in the poll, the way they are phrased, don't explicitly describe which option would allow more customization (I don't remember if the 'old way' was more so or not)

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Tree is more practical. I wanted to report a BUG, is the status of the birds AFK users do not close their wings.

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I definitely prefer the tree. It didn't take too long to get used to.

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cum on!

omg old soulseek style all the way

soulseek the way it is now is brilliant
great in peak hours on my connection
fast downloads kinda bypasses throttling isp