Nightly Build 11/5/2011

  • Search and Share Browse filters now accept exclusion tokens preceded by a dash (-).
  • P2P communication between two clients of this version or higher will be obfuscated in an attempt to avoid detection by ISPs that are crippling Soulseek peer connections. Completely unproven at this point.
  • Client window is now shown before shares are re-scanned so as not to appear that the client hasn't started when scanning large shares.
  • Client will now dump peer messages of improbable lengths, probably avoiding a crash.
  • Uploads will not commence if accepted by the downloader when the upload entry is no longer in the requesting state, thereby avoiding a situation where there are more active uploads than are open upload slots.
  • Client will now save its configuration to a secondary file, and only move it to the primary file location if all writing concludes successfully, minimizing the chance of configuration data corruption.
  • Client will now report corrupted configuration data and start without any instead of crashing.
  • Upload ordering code optimized to help avoid slowdowns and freezing with very large upload queues.
  • Searches are now properly associated with downloads for use with the 'Re-run Search' option if the download was queued via double-click.
  • Support Soulseek button!

Links to Windows, Mac and Linux versions on the download page.

Thanks, Nir


Hi! I just started using SoulseekQT. I have a suggestion - put the toolbar inside each tab it refers to. Otherwise it feels confusing, it's hard to see relation of toolbar and different sections of GUI. (Sorry for my bad English.)

I'm not sure about that idea, but you can always make a suggestion in the feature/bugfix requests section, and this way other users will be able to vote on it and make comments.