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Hi, Is it possible to add a userlist export/import function to the new client? Twice now I have lost my complete userlist after my PC crashed when slskQT was running. This had the annoying effect of corrupting my configurations and the back-up files don't seem to work all the time. If I could export just the userlist to a file that won't get affected if slskQT closes abruptly then I could start with a clean slskQT install and import the userlist from this file. As the userlist is by far the biggest amount of work when setting up slskQT for me this would be immensely useful as its taken me a good few solid hours to rebuild my userlist from scratch. Also if you rebuild it from scratch and users haven't been online for a while you are not permitted to add these "old" accounts into the list even though i know these users still actively use slsk (albeit infrequently). Thanks, Squizz
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This would be super handy for when you re-image your computer as well.

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Yeah. This would be gold. Also export "removed" users-list... Should not be that hard to make this function working?