Wishlist match autodownload

Title says it. Although I've noticed a bug upon using the wishlist. You see, I'd set the default filter to mfs:8 mfif:1 -.mp3 -.ogg -.wma so that it would only search for lossless music, yet the wishlist search tab still continues to notify me about lossy music matches it would find, showing plain sheets (or empty folders) without files: http://i.imgur.com/ZQ5C653.jpg http://i.imgur.com/LPttdzk.jpg
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is because the filter doesn't care about extensions, to filter extensions you have to add them in "File Sharing" options tab.

Don't be ridiculous. What the filter in "File Sharing" options tab does is it prevents the files with given extension from being downloaded, not being showed. Try punching .mp3 extension in there yourself and you'll see that the search results are just the same.

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that's why I'm telling you that the search filter doesn't care about extensions, is not a bug, is just because it doesn't have support to filter file extensions.