checking for average filesize shared

Many users have "don't share crap or get banned" rule in their rules. What if to add a sort of automated check for whether users shares anything decent. like, if someone tries to look up your list - your soulseek checks requesting user's files in return, sums up the total amount of data shares and divides it by number of files shared. so that's how your soulseek gets and average filesize in the share of that user. you can set up the filesize to whatever valur you want. and if the requesting user satisfies your criteria - he can see your filelist. if no - 'no files shared' for that user. note: this feature may be a time hog, especially if to apply it to search results returned (as if for every search request before returning results your soulseek will check whther to return those search results to someone). so i guess there could be different solutions like: only share to userlist return no search results to anyone but userlist 3. but if some user is requesting to see your filelist, he can see it and download if he, say, has acceptable average filesize.
Not likely to be implemented
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