Filter files by filetype/bitrate

I think this is the option I would like best. Simply the ability to filter search results by filetype or bitrate. Inversely, the ability to specify which filetypes/bitrates NOT to display.
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i think this could be useful. as opposed to entering both the file name and file type in the search bar, maybe a drag down option to select the file type - "mp3", "flac", or what-have-you. at the very least a better convenience.

this would be really nice

I'll second this as a useful addition, and propose an extension: I would love to have some "grouped" filters, which let you look at "filetype1" OR "filetype2"

For example, I don't care if I download flac, ape, wv or alac files - so it would be great if there was a single "lossless" filter that covered all of these file types, and saved me having to perform 4 separate searches. I also have to perform repeated searches if I want to track down mp4 files, one with "mp4", one with "m4a".

Yes, this would be a great feature to have, especially for the lossless case described above.

Rather than a filtering option at the GUI of the search-originator, let the distributed search message contain either a whitelist or blacklist of file types/extensions to return: if a queried user doesn't even have files of the specified type it does not need to return any results, saving bandwidth on the network and clutter on the search-originator's search results panel.

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Could this request be reopened? While I really appreciated the addition of the "minbitrate", "iscbr" and "isvbr" filters, I often wish I could just filter by a *specific* bitrate -- e.g. "bitrateis: 192" for filtering out all but 192 kbps files.

Because sometimes you just don't need a copy of a song or album at 320 kbps or V0. This is particularly true when it comes to spoken word material such as stand-up comedy. Unlike with music, 192 kbps provides plenty of fidelity for speech and 320 kbps rips are just overkill and ultimately a waste of hard drive space. Having a "bitrateis" filter would be a huge time saver when sifting through results.