Support for Seeds/Sources in Soulseek ?

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like in most of P2P clients, the possibility to use Seeds/Sources is used to decrease bandwidth of the users and to increase availability of the files. how it works ? the seeds are identified with their own hashes (for example sha1, md5, crc, etc) and then checking if others users in the network are sharing the same file (comparing their hashes), so at the end (for example after a search) there will be more possibilities to download a file, even if a user that was originally sharing a file is not online, because will still be shared by others, also less bandwidth is used because is shared between the seeds/sources. also the person that is downloading the file, is considered another seed/source, so can start share at the same time that is downloading the file. will be good if something like this is implemented in Soulseek.
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Um, that would require a complete rewrite of Slsk. I'm not a programmer, but I understand a bit of how things work, and what you're describing is a torrent-style method of file transfer vs. a standard p2p (which is direct user-to-user). To switch from one to another--or even just try to add that functionality on--would involve a LOT of work (plus some people can't use the Bittorrent protocol because of ISP choking or blocking). I'd prefer that the programming be concentrated on improving Slsk the way it is now, and leave torrenting to torrent clients.

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is not like torrent, is more like: Kademlia/Overnet/Gnutella/DHT, in short words a decentralized P2P network protocol with seeds/sources/indexes support and without dependancy of a centralized server.

Doranwen has the right of it, supporting multi-source transfers would require a complete rewrite of the software, and the end result would be a completely different system. I'm afraid it'll always be user-to-user transfers with Soulseek.

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of course the transfers should be always from user to user, I'm just talking about some ideas to improve the availability of files from multiples sources/seeds and also to help decrease bandwidth of the people who upload the files.

of course this could involve a rewrite of Soulseek, but not need to be done now, and not in few days and not in a few months, so consider this just some ideas for somebody consider this could be good to improve Soulseek and his network in a future.