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it'd be nice if soulseek could follow symlinks for example, if i had a heap of partitions on my computer and instead of moving all my stuff into the one folder on one partition i could have links in my shared folder that soulseek would follow to the other folders on the other partitions. symlinks should be available on Linux and Mac and some other form of linking on Windows.
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That would be really handy! I cannot copy all my files into one folder…

Not following linked folders is by design; I believe it was mainly due to the desire to avoid getting caught in a loop or index the same content multiple times.

Windows actually has many options for folder links, but it doesn't give users easy ways to create most of them; it's more of a power-user kind of thing. The options are: ordinary shortcuts (.lnk files), shell link folders (a .lnk and desktop.ini hack supported in Explorer only), symlinks (supported in Windows Vista and up), and NTFS junctions (like symlinks that are always followed, so deleting it also deletes the target folder).

SoulseekQt is actually aware of shortcuts and shell links and intentionally excludes them from indexing. It's supposed to ignore symlinks as well, but I think current versions are following the links. I'm not sure it's possible to ignore junctions.