App window cannot be restored from tray sometimes

I noticed application window cannot be restored from the tray icon sometimes. This happens regularly since recently. Task manager shows the app consumes 25% of CPU in such cases while memory usage is just 33 MB instead of normal 100. I started to share big amount of files (150 GB) recently - probably that is the case, not sure. I could send a report but there is no crash :) Client version 10/18/2011, Windows 7 Home Basic SP1
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Hmm. It sounds like it might be the data system's mark and sweep algorithm which fires up periodically. I'm not surprised it's making the application unresponsive, the client isn't yet optimized to handle the amount of data resulting for such a large share. I'll do some tests on my end with many multiple copies of my (rather small) share and see what I come up with. Thanks for reporting this.

Well, I ran some tests, created a junk share of 170GB of MP3s.. I'm not really getting any significant slowdowns. Also it strikes me as odd the memory consumption goes down to 33MB at any point. With that number of files shared it should pretty much stay at around 100. This makes me think there might be some kind of external swapping operation going on. What kind of processing power are you running this on? Also, if you send me your c:\soulseek-client.dat file (there's a send file link on my user page) I can use it to reproduce your setup and see if I'm getting similar slowdowns, but to be honest I think chances for that are not great. If there's a real performance issue somewhere in the client I'm sure I'll be able to pin it down eventually. I can also make you a client that doesn't periodically do memory cleanup and/or data saving to see if it makes a difference for you.

Im having the same problem.. i also cannot even restore the window with use of an external app, such as Process Hacker. It should have a Window option that allows for maximizing, minimizing the linked windows. But the Window option is greyed, meaning something is definitely not right.
Also, Process Hacker reports a high cpu-usage.. about 45%. QT seems to be not frozen, its still dwonloading data.. at least thats what the app is telling me: the stats are still updating

Im using Win7 Ultimate 64bit, all updates, Intel Core2Duo E8400
I'd like send you the soulseek-client.dat file but im afraid i cannot find the SendFile link..?

Try again, you should be able to use the send file option now.