A special place for storing completed albums needed

It is hard to deal with completed music albums in the qt client. A perfect scenario I'd like to see: 1) a user notices completed DL's in UI 2) user goes into an only-completed-downloads folder and moves the files with a file manager to their destination 3) user presses "Clear all completed DL's" button Current process: 1) a user notices a completed DL in UI 2) user remembers (!) the folder's name 3) goes into 'completed' folder and try to recognize the remembered one among tens of incomplete ones 4) user moves folder to its final destination 5) user remove that one completed download from UI 6) steps 1-5 repeated for each (!) completed album Thus the check box "clear finished" is unusable currently. An imaginary button "clear finished" would be unusable too. Currently there is folder "complete" but it helpful for the program code only but not for humans - nobody can say if such a "complete" folder is really complete looking just at files.
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I'm not sure I get everything you're saying, but the latest version does have an 'Open Folder' option for complete downloads, so you don't have to find the folder yourself.