Web UI or a remote client

Hello there, I Soulseek user for many years now, I love Soulseek and I thank you again for your dedication. I would like a way to connect remotely to my interface via, for example, ideally a Web UI. I find it a shame that it does not exist, it is really, in my opinion, one of only features that really lacks Soulseek .. I think it would be useful to a lot of people;-) Thank you for your return!
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that indeed would be very very usefull...
...but personally i dont think it will evern happen :(

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Yes, definitely!

There should be a choice to build program with Qt or as a daemon. And XML-RPC interface implementation is required in this case.

It will be really easy to write modern Ajax user interface.

And then there will be an easy way to build it for multi platform and integrated devices such as NAS servers.

I was using for a very short time museekd with console ncurser client but....
Finally I made the Qt running only through VNC. Works flawless...

But it should be an official client with xmlrpc and daemon mode :)