Two suggestions for improvement (major features)

Hi, although I could think of 7 feature requests from the top of my head, I'd rather keep it shortened down to 2 requests that are of major importance for most users and not just a small part. 1. <em>"must have"</em> It's mandatory to alert users if they want to reset colors to default. Please note there is no undo function, so if you press the right one by accident (instead of the left one, to <em>modify</em> colors!) and do not plan to get out your ascii file where you wrote down your color settings (if there), you can only revert to an older configuration by hand-copying <strong>previous</strong> (NOT current!) .Soulseek.9876..911 to .Soulseek and restarting the program. 2. <em>"nice to have"</em> Unlike old versions, we can no longer monitor Downloads AND Uploads without clicking back and forth. It's your decision to have it that way now, and we should not complain too much. But what about getting <strong>alerted</strong> (BUBBLES?) if someone tries to download from you? At least for collector heads amongst us, it would be a blessing to have that since we would not always have to keep a jealous watch over the Transfers [X/Y] tab to detect certain freeloaders that cry out for being 'banned' (or, getting the files pulled under their butts more like, since there's no longer true banning in slskQT)
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Always better to separate these so that users can vote on them independently. I do understand the need for some kind of confirmation before colors are reset, I'll add that to my to do list. Not decided on the other one though... I might just end up letting the user put the downloads and uploads list on the same screen.