Little interface improvement

Well, I'm always confused with new slsk's interface. :) What about little and easy made (I hope) thing. Menu Transfers/Rooms/Chat/Search/Users/Browse/Option is marked with bold font. Cool? I think yes.
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not cool for me, sorry. i'd rather prefer to see possibility to move tabs (change order, preferably in options, not by draging), and to resize them, as they are quite small (width) and lot of unused spaces is wasted

I fully agree on the "wasted space" bit. To begin with, the window too is much too big for me sometimes while the possibilities to get it sized down are limited since from a certain point on, it won't budge anymore.
Hence, I believe that if I had a way to get the tabs sized down quite a bit, the window could be made way smaller as well (since there must be some interconnection between them)