Nightly Build 10/18/2011

  • UPnP initialization was moved to a secondary thread to speed up startup time.
  • Client no longer crashes if sharing one or more files larger than 2GB when a peer requests shared file list. (Thanks to CNoise for his tireless work in helping hunt this one down!)
  • Client now asks for username and password if run for the first time.
  • Open File menu option for complete downloads, also works via double-click.
  • Open Folder menu option for downloads.
  • Login failure is now always reported, not just when providing an invalid password.
  • Should no longer arrive at a situation where both Connect and Disconnect menu options are grayed-out as a result of login failure.
  • Adjustments to upload speed reporting to improve accuracy.
  • Double-clicking file/folder/user in search results will add the corresponding files to the download queue.
  • Re-run search menu option will re-run the search that originally yielded a given download.
  • Optimizations to upload ordering to improve the performance of large upload queues.

Links on the download page.

Cheers, Nir


dennso's picture

Thanks for your work.
I use a Mac now and i'm very sadly at first.
Now its a great day when i see that you are port Soulseek to mac!
Keep the good job!

dothque's picture

how about "sort by" on the search tab?

There's a discussion about it here.