Option to change frame color in new design

Well I don't think this can really be called a feature request, but in general discussion it would be misplaced as well probably... I'd kindly ask for an option in color settings to change the bright white frames in that new sort-of '3D' design of the Nov 2012 build (Linux). Though I like the design as such, as far as it looks, there is no way currently to change this frame color to something less disturbing (e. g. a calm grey-ish tone). I'm talking about the color that is e. g. at top and left of tabs (like Transfers, Rooms etc.)
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LOL that is the Nov 2013 build of course. (Uh-oh)


P.S. Please put this issue under "least important", as I've finally found a way to work around the problem:

Qt application style: 'Plastique'

did the trick for me!
Thanks for this new option!!
Only woe for me is now that I cannot change the color of the selection bar. That navy-blue you chose looks ugly on my color setup, but it's not the end of the world...

P.P.S. As we're here, I notice that a bug has slipped in recently into this forum software. However, this problem is specific to 'Feature Requests' (this) - it works in 'SoulseekQt Forum'!
Line breaks in initial posts (when creating threads) are not processed and appear as one huge endless line; however, it will always work on posts that follow the initial post (2nd-INF). You can also see it at the thread regarding 'aesthetics' created by user volknn.

It definitely worked fine some time before. Even my post above was split up for better readability, but all line breaks have been truncated. This is a bug.