[REQ] set min number of shared files

I've been a WinMX user for years before their intimely demise, and the MXMonitor was my favorite tool. It ensured a fair trading environment. My favorite feature was setting the minimum number of a user's shared files. Too often I'd see people sharing tiny .db/txt files from their iTunes folder, or a bunch of random jpg files just to bypass the 0-shares-block. I'm currently sharing 17gb of music, and someone just tried to download a whole album of mine with his shares consisting only of tiny files from inside his iTunes folder. I'm a reasonable guy, I don't demand that users thank me for every file they get from me, or say things like "share 1000+ files or get banned", like I've seen a few people do. Not everyone has 1000 files to share. But I don't like freeloaders.And users that have junk files in their sharing folder to create the illusion of sharing obviously know how to share files, which makes it clear that they don't intend to share anything. And I should have the option of blocking them from downloading from me. I don't see an option to block a certain user from downloading from me either, even though I see it referenced just about everywhere. Just the usual "ignore" option that only keeps them from talking to you.
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Tbh i can only use it and come up with a good opinion on this feature!Might help,might give feed for a few fixes (i.e user based and not min file limit based) ;)

When up to 40% of users downloading from you are sharing no files, it gets a little frustrating. I don't see why anybody should be able to search and download while sharing no files. It's not that people are uninterested in setting up a directory. There's little to no incentive to do so when they can do everything that a person who is actually sharing can do.

Unsharing doesn't help due to the sheer volume of people not sharing. Some of those people will eventually share and not have access to my files in the future. There's no way to mass remove users from the unshared section. A no files shared = no search results system would eliminate much of the need to unshare people.

Perhaps an option could be made available for those with open shares to have their files privately displayed with the lock icon like those userlist only sharers. There could be a user set minimum number of files like the poster above suggested.

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this is a serious trouble in the Soulseek network currently, the "leechers" people who download several files from me, but when I browse their files they are just sharing only few files and some users doesn't share anything.

also I noticed other strange behavior, there are some users that have "upload slot = 0"!

how is that posible ? if min upload slot in Soulseek is 1, how the hell they change it to 0 ? also some others users that have upload slot = 1 but if you try to download something from them the download place in queued is always in 0 and the download never start, seems some people is using fake/leecher Soulseek clients.