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Would love to have a list of links / buttons or whatever on the chat page showing users you've recently talked to with their online / offline status and when you last messaged them - button or link would open their chat. A bit like a "best friends" list. I have missed a few messages in the past as I've gone offline just as they've been sent, so when I log back in it doesn't look like i have any messages waiting. Cheers as always for your efforts. Squizz.
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Hey Nir,

Think you've pretty much covered all my requests above in 2014-1-8 Nightly build. Thanks for your Herculean efforts! Very much appreciated. This one can be marked as "DONE".


All that said ... I still have one minor annoyance with private chat (hence why I've tagged it to this post rather than create a new). If you are having two PM chats at once and you are in the PM chat with user1 and user2 sends a message the screen rejigs around to make room for the "chat" button with user2 on it. This forces the chat down and scrolls everything up slightly making it hard to maintain two chats at once as you keep losing sight of the last line of chat. Not sure the best way to resolve this - perhaps just flash the chat tab instead of the buttons as the new chat list tab can show you who the messages are from?

Thanks again.


It took me a while to understand what you're saying. The event button for chat that you're seeing doesn't actually show up by default. Event buttons are turned off and only show up if you explicitly enable them in newer builds. That said it's definitely a nuisance if you want event buttons, and I think the solution would be to automatically scroll to the bottom of the chat whenever the chat display control changes its size. I'll post a link here to a new build later tonight.

Thanks, Nir

I didn't even realise there was a toggle option for event buttons.

Thanks ever so much for the fix... I'll let you know if its working. :D

Hi Nir,

This change doesn't seem to quite work. It seems to scroll the chat window of "other" user correctly to the bottom, but not the user in the current chat session, so the problem seems half fixed.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.