function and aesthetics

-permanent reorganization or the ability to organize tabs to a personal liking. rooms/chat should not come between transfers/search/browse. -navigate tabs with arrow keys. -remove/replace icons. the image set dedicated to actions is outdated and often times one image represents multiple actions. -ability to toggle offline in header. where the user toggles away, i feel we should be able to connect/disconnect/login as in this location as well. -change 'free' back to 'queue' or 'line'. seeing how everything is 'free' in essense. -right click, get place in line its always nice to now where you stand in line. -ability to reorder search definitions/color-code search results. -when sorted by queue filenames become unsorted. -edit search entry once searched. -ability to add user to userlist within file browser. -collapse level in browse. -privacy features?
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There's way too much here to vote or comment on.

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This would put a ton of customization capability in the hands of the users which in turn would equal a TON of work in terms of developing the client. Work that falls on the shoulders of pretty much one guy, Nir, not a whole dev team like at a commercial software firm. And so that means time taken away from developing/refining the functionality of the client/network which, in my experience, most users would be against.

However... With that said, there's some interesting ideas here. For one, I do agree that tabs, functions, etc. are arranged somewhat counterintuitively in the Qt client -- e.g. the above mention of how the main tabs would make more sense if they were reordered.