UI color and font options broken in 2013.8.3

After updating to build 2013.8.3 (on Windows 7 64-bit), I found a few problems with the application color and font options on the UI tab. Many colors don't get applied to all the places they did in previous versions. For example: - The Window Background color used to apply to the backgrounds of tabs and sub-tabs, instead of only to the very outside part of the window. The default white color is too bright, and doesn't have enough contrast with input regions, so I need to change it to a darker color. - The Button Background color doesn't seem to get applied to anything except the Available/Away button, when in previous versions it applied to all clickable objects, including tabs and buttons everywhere. The font dialog in the new version does not recognize all the fonts on my computer, and for the fonts it does recognize, it only shows the bold and bold italic versions of many of them, not the normal version. If I change the font or the text size (I need it quite a bit bigger than the default due to bad eyesight) the changes are only applied to the font selection dialog itself and to the buttons at the very top of the window, and nothing else. When using any font other than the default "MS Shell Dlg 2" font, the few text objects that do use the new font are rendered badly, with blurry anti-aliasing, some letters overlapping, etc. For now I have reverted to the previous 2013.5.18 version. Hopefully these problems can be fixed soon!
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i have this problem in other builds. Very uncomfortably.

There appears to be a problem with the new Qt 5 styles as far as changing colors goes. By default on Windows, Qt 5 uses the WindowsVista style, but I changed it to use the Fusion style. Both styles have elements whose colors can't be changed via palettes. This build allows you to change the Qt style used under Options->UI, and the first style listed, 'Windows' does appear to handle color changes better:


Doesn't seem to help much, either with the test build from your previous comment (2013-8-11) or the new release version (2013-9-18).

Fonts are still completely broken, with many only listed in their bold version if at all, half the letters overlapping, etc. Even if I click the "Default Font" button only a few parts of the UI actually revert to "MS Shell Dlg 2", and still some letters are overlapping.

Same goes for colors, if I switch the Qt style the colors all change, but all the styles by default are too bright with insufficient distinction between different types of UI elements, and custom colors only get applied to a few of the buttons at the very top of the window, even when using the "Windows" style.

Rolling back to 2013-8-18 again. :(

Same problem here on Linux, even though there is a workaround on my OS.

Old May 2013 build:
Colors will get applied INSTANTLY, on-the-fly.

November 7 (static) build:
Some colors - e. g. Window Text - will now get internally remembered, but require a full restart (!) of SlskQt to show up, which is pretty new behavior.
So the only way out is to remember what colors you want, then imagine each color where it is later supposed to be (as if planning your kitchen interior with color samples in hand ;-))

If you really want to see on-the-fly how your color(s) look(s), use an older build for testing.

Problem with the fonts appearing again: http://i.imgur.com/oea70Sm.png
`new` on the image is Latest Windows build: SoulseekQt-2014-8-31.exe
It's the same for all Qt styles: Fusion, etc.

That was the problem with my Screen Settings. It was 16bit, instead 32bit. Changed to 32bit, and now it's OK.

But still, the old one was OK with 16bit (it was 2014-4-11 release)