Prioritizing the Wishlist

I have always thought the wishlist is invaluable, especially when having privileges and it sending a search every 2 minutes. My request would be able to prioritize the wishlist. I would like to give more weight to certain keywords, which I think I'm more likely to find. Maybe there could be a 1-5 point system, with 5 receiving more searches than 1. I also noticed that it goes back to beginning of the wishlist after you close out the program. It would be nice if the last wishlist search term could be saved and it could continue on instead of going back to the beginning. My later search terms are rarely searched because the program will usually crash before it is able to cycle through them all. It's also not possible to check/uncheck the checkboxes in the wishlist box besides turning them all on/off. It would be great to be able to highlight a certain block to turn them on/off.
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