Room Radio

Might be a tall order this one, but if you don't ask you don't get, right? Thought a great feature would be a room radio that the room owner / admin (anyone in a public room?) can "drop" an tune into a queue and anyone else in the room can stream that media to their PC... nice radio console that reads the file tag would be nice too so you can display the details. I'm forever hunting for tunes on youtube and putting links in my private room, so a radio feature that I could control would add a nice community feel to the room. Not sure how best to control who can add to the radio, but I figure just a straight queuing system would be good and an admin / owner can remove or override priority if they want. Hopefully you'll think its a great plan... Cheers for the attention and respect as always, Squizz
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Very tall order :) I don't think this can be implemented... sorry.

that's a shame :( would have given soulseek a real community feel.