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http://i46.fastpic.ru/big/2013/0710/52/43a34ad1fb409054666fbaaf1ba99552.png As you can see in the image below in all indicators are displayed in different ways - or in front of nick or under the album. Progress bar stick to each other and not quickly understand who it shakes and how much is left. You can do that would overall progress has always been in front of Nick and progress of individual album was shifted to how the tree structure? Thanks.
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Yeah, I agree that the user/folder/file progress bar setup is confusing.. The general idea is not to show a progress bar if it's duplicated by another progress bar, for example if a folder only has one file, ideally you would have one progress bar for the file but not for the folder. Maybe a better solution would just be to have a progress bar for all user/folder/file items, or maybe for all collapsed/leaf items? I'd need to think about this.