Manual Backup of Settings/ Groups/ User Notes/ DL Queue (& Applying Them)

The latest stable build of QT offers some nice features, but it seems to crash. A lot. After restarting from a crash, I am usually finding myself with lots of missing queues, missing notes and groupings and settings changes. It would be nice to be able to manually backup all these items (preferably ALL of them at once), and to be able to load and use this backup if we find too much errant and missing after restarting. thanks
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Certainly an interesting idea, though these crashes have to be resolved first. microwave and me are working to root out as many crashes as we can find in the new client.

I strongly agree with this. Saving it every hour isn't enough. Saving it every minute like NS might be excessive, but even every five minutes or a manual option would be nice. The program can crash or you can lose power at any time.