Opening Groups Dialog

Thanks a lot for the new build Nir. However the option to open the Groups Dialog when a new user is added to the list, still doesn't work. Thanks for adding some options I suggested e.g. different colors in private chat.
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Hey leijsten, are you sure? It seems to work over here. When a user is added to the list a User Groups dialog should open as long as Options->UI->Open groups dialog... is checked.

Thanks for your answer Nir, but I tried again (the option was checked). It still doesn't open the User Groups Dialog.

I discovered now that it works when I add a user via the 'Transfers>Uploads' tab. It doesn't work when I add a user via the 'Users>User list' tab and then select 'Add user' in the actionbar. Maybe it's not supposed to work there, because the 'Configure User Groups' button can be seen.