To be able to load in Soulseek the saved file (*.xml)

Until that moment we can save the browse results in an *.xml file. So a ''future request'' : To be able to load the *.xml file in soulseek, so we can have the results again in as a''tree'' in the browse area. So we can dl anytime everything that we want, without browsing all the time again and again. + the server of slsk maybe it will work more easy. (avoiding some browse tries)
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I'm probably going to have to say no to this one... it doesn't make sense to download directly from the XML file. If you can't browse the user, you're probably not going to be able to download from them either, and you don't want to try and download using a document that may or may not be out of date.

"If you can't browse the user, you're probably not going to be able to download from them either,"
I'm slsk user for 10 years and i would want to say that you guys just didn't face circumstances when the cited statement above can be incorrect. Some users are online very occasionally and even more - they live in another time zone with 12 hours difference, so you often *able* to download from them, but can't browse because you're sleeping in your bed when your mate is online. This is very often scenario from my own experience, i get filelist for the first time accidentally just because user forgot to turns off his/her pc and then can't queue anything off him/her because he/she is online for 10 mins a day only, so adding his/her stuff to wishlist doesn't help. The longest of my attempts to d/l from such users lasted near 7 months!
So i would love to have:
1. The next step after saving lists in xml format: Ability to load lists and queue stuff from offline users.
2. Ability to queue filelists themselves (in case when you want to browse user that went offline)

BTW, all things we're discussing here long time exist in any DC++ client, and their usefulness is obvious for everybody.

Agree wholeheartedly w/ f209.

What's the point of saving it to .xml if you can't conveniently browse it. Any one text editor including Notepad++ simply crushes under the weight of such .xml files that average from 2 to 20mb. And if it doesn't, obviously seeing rows of text instead of a tree and attempting to find anything in it is not how I think anyone would prefer to spend their time. Nicotine+ had this feature developed since beginning. Was it because it was obvious to n+ devs that if you save the file, you must be able to open it?