Public API for Soulseek

A have been a old Slsk user. Being a developer myself i don't have a lot of time to search for music which i enjoy. So i had this idea of creating a proxy application which uses list of artists and searches in Discogs DB for corresponding albums. When we form search queries for and search for that albums in Soulseek, and download them by using some filter logic. But since Soulseek doesn't have any API it would be hard to implement the integration part (either by using some automation tool or override current functionality). Also I would appreciate any comments regarding this idea
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A thousand times yes. It would be incredible to see soulseek integrated on other platforms.

I have also frequented Slsk for a few years now. I came to the "Feature Requests" section, just for this. There are many different things that could be done with this.

Although i love the client and the work been done,i would love to see this happen!So many seeds to sprout after this step :)

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This would be cool. I could then code my own tools to integrate with Soulseek.
As an example, the configuration file is not anything I can edit or work with manually. If I had a hook into Soulseek I could code something that integrates with the Soulseek features.
I'd love this, and this would encourage 3rd party development of Soulseek tools.