User List management - select multiple users for group management

It would be really neat if it was possible to select multiple users in the Users/User List window, for the purpose of - 1: adding them all to a specific group in one operation, or 2: removing a specific group from their groups, or 3: placing the selected users in the same set of groups. I suppose it would work like this, if it were to happen: - Multiple user selection could be via tickboxes, or maybe using shift/ctrl keys with highlighting, or both. - Multiple selection would trigger different right-mouse menu. - Menu option 1 - add users to group -> submenu = list of groups. - Menu option 2 - remove users from group -> submenu = list of groups. - Menu option 3 - set users' groups -> opens window like single user group manager, but result is applied to all of the selected users (they all are in the same groups). - Some other normal right-mouse menu items would work well for multiple user selections. Here's an incentive: "mass gift privileges"! :)
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