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Some people don't want you to download more than 1 or 2 albums. But when you browse their lists you see many more albums you'd like to queue. How about an option that will allow you to put stuff in a queue that will only queue them at your own side but not yet send them to the other person? That way you can queue lots of stuff, and then *really* "send them off" in groups of 1 or 2 albums every few days.
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So sort of like a paused state for downloads.

Yes, this would be very helpful.. Sometimes when browsing, I identify files I want to download, but for whatever reason, I don't want to download the files immediately. Last year I had submitted a feature request for a "Wish-List" or "Cart" for files to download later, at http://www.slsknet.org/news/node/531

I wish it would be implemented! Let downloads be paused by default and i could switch some of them on to active downloadindg.

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it would be REALLY helpful already, if we could queue them "paused" already at browse/search. a simple "Download Folder(s) Paused" (same for files) additionally to the existing menu entries for example.

Definitely like this one! I could find it useful, and I can imagine that anyone browsing my list would find it VERY useful, lol.

This build should allow you to queue folders in the paused state both from the search results and browsed shares:


Let me know how it works for you!

It works very well, however it would probably be a good idea to make the "Download selected" button default so you can apply standard behaviour by pressing ENTER as well.

Good point, I made the change.

Nir, will you please add 'Queue paused' to the translation files. Thanks

A good idea, since discovering a vulnerability in the "place in line" ability. If you download a single file from a user, and when it gets to be your "turn", you can subsequently add as many files to download from that user, until your appetite for files is quenched.

Of course, after figuring this out, I have tried not to leech off of anyone this way.

Implementing this would be a bit tricky though, requiring a set of queues, one for each user downloading from you. But then of course, you could add other functionality such as giving preference and additional slots to certain users.