Resurrect SoulSeeX!

I was a happy daily user of SSX for many years sharing rare music and sound art until one day it just stopped working & I had to install the new QT. I encountered a severely downgraded experience. So many things made it so painful to use that I gave up & hoped that given time it would improve. I have tried using it again several times since then & sadly it's still unworkable, not least because every click brings up the dreaded spinning wheel. Can you PLEASE resurrect the old SsX? So that we still have the option to connect to SoulSeek community using the interface that we love because it's clean, simple & it works!
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SSX isn't my project so there's not much I can do to resurrect it (and Chris Schleifer, the original developer who worked with us for a while has moved to other things), but several users have been complaining about performance problems with the latest few versions and I'm worried it might have something to do with switching to linking SoulseekQt against a custom-built, 32-bit version of the Qt library. This build: is built against the original 64-bit library. If it works well for you, let me know so I know to move back to it permanently.

Thanks, Nir