Horizontal scrollbar needed in Wish List Search pane

In the Wish List Searches tab, the Wish List Search pane on the right does not have a horizontal scrollbar. This is fine if you have a big screen, but I often view Soulseek on a netbook via Remote Desktop. The netbook has a small screen, so I run up against the issue described in http://www.soulseekqt.net/news/node/1702 (minimum size of program window is nearly the complete width of the screen). However, that's not too much of a problem for me, since I don't mind the program taking up the whole screen. Instead, the problem I am running into is that on the Wish List Searches tab, the big search results pane on the left side of the screen has a minimum width, so I can't make that pane smaller, and thus can't make the Wish List Search pane on the right any bigger. That pane (the one with all the search terms in it) is just not wide enough to see all the text therein. Therefore it would be nice if that pane could get a horizontal scroll bar if the text doesn't fit.
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