Cyrillic/Unicode support for chat

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I believe Unicode room and private chat already works, the only caveat being that only SoulseekQt users will see it, and regular client users will see the UTF8 encoding (along the lines of שלום על ישראל).

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7/18/2012 version
I can see Cyrillics (after setting in options Windows-1251) BUT! people in the room can't read mine..
Уж не стал спрашивать какую они фигню видят :)

Yeah, I had to draw the line somewhere. The codepage option works by detecting when a string containing extended ASCII characters can't be converted to UTF8. It does this by trying to convert to UTF8, then back to regular ASCII. If the result isn't the same as the original ASCII it knows the string isn't a UTF8 string and uses the codepage instead.

As far as sending goes, you don't have the same kind of freedom. Either you use a codepage to convert everything or you use UTF8. UTF8 ensures that you can use any language you want and have it read by anyone else using SoulseekQt, which will hopefully become the majority in time. If I give the user the option to choose how to encode their outgoing strings then Unicode will never become a standard.

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Sorry, I've lost a tread...
Hmm yes, definitely users must respect new rules (when it's make everything better) and respect your work, even if they'll be forcing to it :-)
Here in our native room, we've already started forcing QT.

Thanks again for you work