Hide the second (notifications) toolbar when it's empty

In the Windows client, two toolbars show by default on startup. The first one is used, e.g. for showing "Remove Download(s)", "Expand Folders", etc. in "Transfers" view, but the second one never contains any buttons and therefore doesn't seem to serve any purpose. It can be hidden by right-clicking in the toolbar area and deselecting the second checkbox, but it always returns when restarting the client. Apologies is this surplus second toolbar is in fact intentional, i.e. for use in a later release.
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The second bar is the event notification bar. Buttons are added to it when events occur out of your view, such as receiving a private message, another user's list of shared files or wishlist results. I will happily change the title of the suggestion to mean hide the notifications bar when it isn't being used, to gauge the interest in that sort of functionality.