Download Slots Feature?

It may not be obvious to users with broad bandwidth, but for people like me and fellow south africans/etc with limitations on bandwidth the 'download slots' feature would be a blessing. At the best of times we have close to dial up speeds on our most affordable 'broadband' packages. If we were dividing 50kbps between 10 queued albums for instance we would throttle our own system. So far my only way around it is to download from users with long queues so that those files will start downloading at a delayed time, but most often they start sooner than expected or the user goes offline. Soulseek qt downloads files as soon as they are available i presume to keep the sharing in an orderly fashion and on an availablity basis. I can understand why we wouldn't have a 'pause' function, but surely we can limit the amount of files we download at one time. Thanks for reading. GK
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I have terrible internet and any more than 1 or 2 simultaneous downloads leads to aborted downloads. I'd love the ability to limit the amount of simultaneous downloads.

I wouldn't say my Internet is that crap, but amyway where is download slots feature? ;)
And an idea. What about auto setting download slots to 1 e.g. for leeches with no files shared? :)