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Many thanks Nir for the great improvements in SoulseekQT. I think many Users (like me)are reluctant to update to a new version as they fear losing the data from a previous one. It is good to see you now have the 'Diagnostics>Options>Extras>Import' to carry over User List. WHEN you have the time please add import of User notes also (taken years to build up mine). And WHEN you are at a loose end. A nice feature would be to look into Save folder and re-Search for any files starting with 'INCOMPLETE~' as over time these part files build up. I have 128 of these (over 50GB).The only way I know is to 'Rename'>part Copy'> & Paste back into SlSk. - takes Hours. Last request, please use your 'message all Users'system to announce the latest Update. Good luch with your new job :o)
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Thanks! I'll see what I can do about importing user notes. We have an auto update system with SoulseekQt so global messages are not necessary :)