Sorting of custom user groups

In one word: the new user groups system is FANTASTIC. OUTSTANDING. That was a masterpiece, Nir. In the old days, sharing stuff with users from Group A got you banned by users from Group B before because they did not agree with the political message embedded within the music (e. g. songs that critically deal with the Islam). Now things have changed, since Group B users <em>would not even know</em> you're still sharing that! (heh heh) :P However, my user group system has gotten REAL complex by now. In short: I don't see thru anymore. Hence, I would appreciate it a lot if I could sort by directory or by user group in the Options->File Sharing dialog.
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How would this sort by user group look exactly?

e. g. alphabetically?
And made happen in a rather "no frills" way: i. e. simply by making the "Shared Folder" and "Accessible to" header bars clickable.
That would already do (by far).