Soulseek version for Synology

I find synology nas very good and useful. I already have torrent running on it but Soulseek is far better especially for classical music sharing. It would be ideal to have soulseek application running directly on Synology NAS to leave it online all the night and especially for sharing more contents.
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I strongly support this wonderfull idea!! It will be so usefull!!!

yes!!! pleasepleaseplease!!! currently i transfer all my stuff to raid1 based on Synology DS413j. and it would be really great if i'm able to turn off my pc when i'm not at home and share my music collection at the same time.

does some one has tech skills to perform this task?

if yes, open a kickstarter and let the world know.

I will be happy to share my love and money for this project.

Slsk in my synology will be nice! my library 24hrs online.

You can start research at he split slsk client in a daemon (run on synology) and we connect using some client (linux, android, etc) ... make whis connection secure and i can manage my synology-slsk around the world

Hi all,

my friends on soulseek always ask me why i am no longer online 24/7
The one and only reason is that i dont want to keep my computer and its 500 watts power supply 24/7 just for soulseek.

So i would like to know if there is a NAS version for soulseek (accesible without screen, and i just leave on my nas all time and connect remotly)

guys some advice
what will be the less consumption pc for running soulseek ?
ans smaller...


There are rasberry pi-> but no soulseek on it.

there are the new Intel Nuc... -> but the biggest msata ssd is only 240g and i have way more than that.. so i will have to plug an external hard drive or even my Nas, on a usb2 port..

So wich one do you recommend?

if someone has already asked this on this forum sorry i didnt find.

or maybe in the qt forums ?

thanks for the heads up.

I succesfully installed museeqd on my Synology DS409+.

This is quite a wall of text, but I couldn't find a better place to paste it.
This post being the one that kicked me into doing this, I'll post it here.

My NAS is a Synology DS409+ (arch : ppc853x). These instructions may not work for other architectures, but it may also give you hints on how to do it for your specific arch.

I used spksrc from the SynoCommunity to do the cross compilation. They can be found here :

Problem 1 :
The glib2 version specified on the git repository of spksrc wouldn't compile so I had to specify an earlier version for it and all its dependencies.
For the record, I chose a version of glib and glibmm by looking at which one was proposed by ipkg on my NAS. I chose a version of libxml++ based on the release date (to make sure they were out at "around the same time"). It's certainly not the best way, but it worked for me.

Problem 2 :
The configuration wizard does not generate a valid configuration file. I had to edit it manually. This is not a big deal, but it can be frustrating when the package does not start and you have nothing telling you what's going on.

Problem 3 :
You have to use muscan to add shares to museekd. It was not embedded in the package.

So here we go...

1. Install spksrc.
Go to and follow their instructions.
You will need a Linux box (virtual will do) and some basic linux skills.
All the directories in the next points will be relative to the spksrc directory you got by cloning their git repository.

2. Change the glib2 version and its dependencies
Change these variables in native/glib/Makefile AND cross/glib/Makefile :
PKG_EXT = tar.gz

Change these variables in cross/glibmm/Makefile :
PKG_EXT = tar.gz

Change these variables in cross/libxml++/Makefile :
PKG_VERS = 2.26.1
PKG_EXT = tar.gz

3. Add muscan to the packaged files
Add this line to cross/museek+/PLIST :

4. Cross compile museek-plus
Go to the spk/museek-plus directory.
Use this command :
make arch-ppc853x

It can take a long time.

5. Install the package
If everything went ok (the previous command did not ouput errors at the end), you should have a museek-plus_ppc853x_0.2-1.spk in the packages directory.
In DSM (the NAS web interface), go to the Package Center, click "Install/Update", select this file and follow the wizard.
A new package "Museek+" should be available in the Package Center. Do not try to run it now, it will not work.

6. Configure museekd
SSH to your NAS and change user to root.
The configuration file is in /usr/local/museek-plus/var/config.xml.
Edit these sections :
<domain id="server">
<key id="password">YOURPASSWORD</key>
<key id="username">YOURUSERNAME</key>
<domain id="shares">
<key id="database">/usr/local/museek-plus/var/config.shares</key>
<domain id="transfers">
<key id="download-dir">YOURDOWNLOADDIR</key>

where YOURUSERNAME is your soulseek username, YOURPASSWORD is your soulseek password and YOURDOWNLOADDIR is the directory where you want your downloads to go.
I'm not sure if it is necessary, but I created the file config.shares, empty, just to be sure. This can be done with this command :
touch /usr/local/museek-plus/var/config.shares

7. Add a share
Go to the bin directory of museek-plus :
cd /usr/local/museek-plus/bin

Run muscan :
LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/local/museek-plus/lib/" muscan -c /usr/local/museek-plus/var/config.xml -a PATHTOTHESHARE

where PATHTOTHESHARE is the path to the directory you want to share.

8. Launch museekd
In the DSM Package Center, you should be able to launch the Museek+ package.

9. Connect a GUI
You should now be able to connect your favorite museek+ gui to your NAS (default port : 2240).
If you don't have a GUI for museek+, that's a whole new journey. You should start on the museek+ homepage :

There are things I have used while working on all this. You may find them useful if you have troubles :

On the NAS :
- you can launch museekd via a command-line to get some output :
LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/local/museek-plus/lib/" /usr/local/museek-plus/bin/museekd -c /usr/local/museek-plus/var/config.xml

- you can start/stop the daemon and get a status via a command-line. It seems to be the same as clicking on Run in the Package Center :
/var/packages/museek-plus/script/start-stop-status start
/var/packages/museek-plus/script/start-stop-status stop
/var/packages/museek-plus/script/start-stop-status status

Hope it helped !

Hi thanks for all you instructions..
i am such a noob it all sound like chinesse..
i have a nas 211, using dsm 5
maybe could you post the package and files to install?
i dont even know how to open the command line on the nas... (activate terminal?)


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FANTASTIC idea. ^_^
I recently installed a Synology server and it would be great to have SoulSeekQt working on it 24/7.

i've got a synology too.
I'm looking for this feature because i love SLSK and i can't stay without it.
it's a great idea!

actually thats the only reason why i have to buy a mac mini for server not a synology NAS, because feature is not exist yet:/
i will share nonstop

With the growing number of people buying nas, this could be a good move for soulseek

I have been succesful in compiling from source without changes. However I did add the muscan option. A correction on running muscan: the -a flag should be a -s. Then it seems to run fine.

That said I can't run the app from the package center, only ftom the command line as stated above. Anyone has an idea what to fix?


Been Soulseeking on my Synology for some weeks now, check Docker Hub for solution!!!

I would love to do this but am not familiar with Linux at all. Any chance for an actual GUI package being developed for slsk on DSM 6.0?

Actually I see now that Docker will run the app, but unfortunately Docker will not run on all DS models (I have DS211). Looks like I need to upgrade to be able to play with you guys.