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It would be good to have a scheduler so that sharing can be done when it's not going to disturb other things or done when data is in an offpeak usage rate.
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+1 for this, since i'm sharing bandwidth with my ol' folks and i can only download/upload from 2 to 9 am.

Yes, either a Scheduler or a "Favorites" section that will hold downloads in a "wait" status until told to execute.

The scheduler in uTorrent would be a great model to follow. It gives you a grid with 7 rows (days of week) and 24 columns (hours of the day). In each box you can click to toggle it through 3 choices which would be represented by colors or symbols: idle (no traffic), a "low" maximum KB/s setting (which would need correspondingly low # of slots in Soulseek, probably), and a "normal" maximum KB/s setting. Very intuitive when you see it in action.