Additional slots and\or speed for users from list

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I'd like to give my friends possibility to download from me also when i don't have any open slots (just as in SoulseekNS)... option to define speed per user would also be great (as there are people i can sacrifice some more bandwidth for. this could be "new" additional speed, or speed thats declared generally - and list users would be prioritized). Another small, disobliging idea, is that users from list would have some kind of indicator, so i could quickly distinguish them on upload tab(for example bordered icon). thanks!
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I second this. I've seen buddies waiting in my queue for a long time waiting for their uploads to start because a bunch of random strangers got in ahead of them. I think that one of the benefits of a user list should be that we can help out those who are more important to us than the random drive-by strangers. It would be nice to be able to let those on the list start automatically even if all slots are fille. Even better, in my opinion, maybe have the system send an alert when someone on our list is starting a transfer and giving the option to start it immediately regardless of the status of our normal upload slots.

You can always let users on your list download ahead of everyone else by placing them in a group with a higher download priority.

Does that mean I can still offer the option of adding someone to my list in order to bump up their ability to download, then?

I should note that I used SoulseekNS for years on Windows and made great use of this feature--2 slots to everyone and one extra, thus allowing me to always be able to share with my friends should they request something from me (limited bandwidth thanks to my internet provider makes sharing tough). It also allowed me to reward people who found files I was looking for with access to the userlist, thus enabling them to jump the queue. I always have several hundred thousand files available, and to limit the exposure to just userlist for some of the folders (as I saw suggested somewhere) would limit the ability of the files (many of which are e-books) to be shared (they're all different enough that I couldn't share just a folder or two if I want people to see them). I want to share them--but now that I've had to switch to Linux and don't have SoulseekNS available--it seems that SoulseekQT jumps all over randomly queue-wise and doesn't have any rhyme or reason for who gets what when. I have people waiting for days to get my files. I looked all over the client when I first got the program and was very very disappointed to see that missing.

Yes, if they're in a group with a download priority of 1 or higher their downloads will take precedence over anyone else not on your list. Adding them to such a group or changing the download priority won't affect already queued uploads however.