ALT symbols in maps and folders

i use the symbol • alot (Alt+7) in my folders, but to users who browse my files say they get weird characters in the titles and sometimes fail to download a file. But the file titles are all normal english here. The first time i tried to share my folders in QT it didnt work at all (error: cannot share root folder or something) and had to change all the names. then i could share it but now i hear from people the weird characters problems and cannot download... So i think its because of these Alt Symbols. Is it possible to make an update that allow that type of symbols please? i dont want to change all those folders again.. thanks very much
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SoulseekQt uses Unicode, so if the character in question doesn't have a Unicode representation (as I'm only guessing is the case here), I'm afraid there's nothing that can be done to support it.

ok.. thank anyway ;)

i want to give a huge THANKS for all the work you do Nir! i love the soulseekQT version and dont want to go back to the old :)