Please consider switching back to old-style wish list results (Optional?)

(Here we go again, on the author's demand, in the <em>correct</em> forum.) Well, I must say I've gotten used so much to the (now-)old method of displaying the wish list hits in a separate (pseudo-)tab that I actually don't want to miss it anymore! I mean, the new method is, to put it the polite way, rather awkward. Let alone that it's now way more clicks to get to wish list results (Search->Wish List->...) than before. I liked the old way better. But that's just IMO - others may think differently about it.
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I never used the wishlist even on the older version on the orginal slsk or NS or even on QT i really don't need it , so i think having the wishlist feature is good as a opition, my piece of advice just get use to the newer wishlist and after that you be like yeah and yeah... like with the new ui change in soulseek QT client i find it was like aaaaa its all change around but after 5 mins im like cool its soulseek again u see it just take learning and getting use to newer stuff.. i really enjoy the new soulseekqt and i find it works amazing on linux :)

Though I can agree to what you last said (working amazingly on "our" Linux), I couldn't agree to your opinion that you can "live without the wish list" altogether. I think I'd easily have missed most rare files I have gathered through the years if I hadn't had the wish list! It was oh-so-invaluable, especially if you do have a full-time job (well, I presume that a good part of people on there does not, for various reasons, but let's leave that aside ;)) and can't watch slsk all day.
(This is not $SOME_OTHER_CLIENT coming along with its kewl web interface, accessible from any place in this world, is it. =p)


This feature request may now be put in the "pending for deletion" queue. It is available in all 2013 builds of SoulseekQt.

It *IS* already possible to do what I was requesting! It was just the name of the option that didn't tell me a thing. Worse, I really thought there would be some additional option in Diagnostics or so...;)

Options->UI->[x] Show event buttons

That's what I call "well hidden"! :D Case closed. And thanks Nir for making this happen. Very appreciated.