Ignore search results from certain user(s)

Hi, once I've really been badly ripped off by a user (took 4 rare albums from me when I was at work, but has (public) upload slots set to 0 and you may literally "starve" in his queue) and hence I'd like to be able to put him in a "shitlist" and just forget about him. However, that's not as easy as it sounds ... The rip-off was so bad that I really could get into a roar of a rage JUST when I see his name in search results. Every time, even. And it happens too frequently, since he and me have the same preferred genre. So I'd just want him (and probably others in future, too) masked out from search results so I don't have to "visually filter" out the good ones from the crooks with my eyes. Yes, that reads that I'd rather have an empty results pane than (in certain days) find him repeatedly in search results but knowing I can't get the goodies, because he knows how to maniacally collect stuff, but not give anything back.
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That seems fair. Hmm. It should be very easy to extend the ignore functionality so that you also don't get results from that user. I should be able to get it done for the next build.

Whoo, can't wait for that. Thank you very much in advance.