Send automatic message to downloading users

Similar to the empty share warning, be able to set a message to be sent automatically to any users who begin downloading from you that are not on your list.
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With what purpose?

On a related note: I could not find an option to message all downloading users. Feature req. if it's not there already.

For pretty much anything you'd like to communicate to someone who's downloading from you. Sort of a push-style user info was the idea we had in mind. I'm not sure about it so I thought I'd suggest it and see what people think. I know there's a feature request for messaging all user list users, which I intend to get done by the next build, but I don't think there's one for messaging all downloading users. It's an interesting idea, shouldn't be too hard to implement once the former is done. I'll add it to my to do list.

Ah ok. Could be 'handy' to lay out personal rules to the downloader in that way. This would be more effective than having rules in user info that nearly no one reads. So yeah, why not.

About messaging all downloaders, handy to just let them know a reboot will be done soon or saying 'back tonight'. I'm not looking for a social aspect to slsk but a little communication about that type of stuff could not hurt.

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Does anyone know if that "messaging all user list users" facility ever got implemented in QT?

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Yes Nir, thats exactly what i came here to suggest. Waiting for the results!

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Yes I agree totally, I was thinking about this because I had one album a lot of people downloaded with improper track titles and wanted to let people know.