Don't clear search query

Leave the search query inside the search box after I hit enter. A lot of the times after you search for something and it doesn't give you the results, you will notice that the there was a typo in that query or an extra word that might want to remove and try again.
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Try the re-enter search button at the top.

Related: when re-entering search with top button, make the search query field active automatically. Saves the extra click.

That's a good idea.

Oh, I didn't even know it was there. I guess that solves the problem, but it would be nice if that button is somewhere near the actual search field.

one really good feature that the old ones had is to keep your searches so when you close and reopen the program they are still there.... if your leaving it running to find more possible downloads.... its annoying everytime you reopen the past searches are cleared... makes you forget what your looking for