User List groups

The ability to define groups in which to put each user list user, and mark shared folders as available to specific groups.
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Levels won't be necessary. One of the main features planned for the new client is user list groups. You'll be able to create any groups you'd like in your user list and share different folders to each group. If you'd like, I can rename this feature request to reflect that so people can vote on it.

Nice, sophisticated features are needed much, renaming is ok.

Yes this would be a great feature. Simply having "userlist sharing" is too vague. I would also suggest that you make it so that users can be added to multiple groups.

I propose naming it "Userlist Groups", as this seems very concise.

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the ability to message all user's in a selected group would be nice.

Is this feature currently active? I created a user list and a group but the group seems to have no uploading advantages.

To increase a group's download priority, go to the Users tab and use the 'Configure Users Groups' button at the top. Each already created group has its own download priority which is 0 by default (no special priority).

Cheers, Nir