Big ask? Dynamic transfer throttling

Sounds like a big ask this one, but it would be great if you could introduce dynamic transfer throttling into the client. If each client stored a ratio of upload to download transfer for each client they've peered with, then this could be used to calculate a throttle, to slow down users that grab loads of files from you but never transfer anything back. You'd want a way to set groups or users so they aren't affected by this, but it would allow some users (me included) to share globally without getting leeched to death!
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Excessive downloading is something I have every desire to address, but throttling sounds like it might be a bit too complicated a solution to this problem. Right now I'm leaning more toward rotating excessive downloads to the end of the queue and/or limiting the amount of data transferred per user per a given period of time.

Hi Nir. Glad you will address it in some way, don't mind how its done as long as leeching is controlled to some degree. I guess limiting data transfer for a given time period is throttling - although not taking into account your upload/download ratio to that user.

Would be nice if these features are controllable within the front end and you can set the amounts per user (or user group) and turn it off in some cases.