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Hi, Its great to have an official Soulseek client for OSX - very much appreciated. However, the QT client is presumably still a work-in-progress, and I often find that it will crash or hang. The impact of this would be greatly reduced if SoulseekQT could resume partial downloads. Would it be possible to add this feature in some form? Some suggestions are: 1. A tab to show 'unfinished downloads', where you can search for the file again (without having to do any manual typing), or delete the partial download. 2. Store some information regarding the user/file location, and resume the download from where it last was on startup. 3. Store a CRC of the file, and automatically search for other users with the same file, and resume the download. Thanks!
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The client does resume downloads, the problem here is that the client data is currently only saved when the client exits normally, which doesn't happen if it crashes or is closed forcibly. We've discussed saving the client data periodically to help mitigate the problem and it seems like it's going to have to go that way. But you can always help by posting crash reports to the forum. I believe the Mac client generates them at crash time without having to do anything special.

Hi Nir,
Yes, periodically saving the client data (~1min) would be great! The QT client on OSX often hangs during/after a request for a users file list (resulting in a forced quit).
I will post future crash reports to the forum.